Wine pairing event with Kolarić winery in RougeMarin Zagreb

It was usual food and wine pairing dinner in RougeMarin restaurant. This time Kolarić winery from Jastrebarsko were hosts in this rather unusual industrial environment formerly known as Light bulb factory in Zagreb.

The opening was reserved for sparkling as well as a grand finale when they served exceptional desert and bubbly rose from pinot noir. There were also three other Pinot’s in the middle: young grigio 2019, noir 2017 and orange wine also from grigio 2017 but in Amfora (qvevri) edition.

Five-course pairing menu with pinot selection from Kolarić vinery.


All courses were perfectly matched with wine. Although I was expecting a combination of risotto with duck breast and orange wine, pairing steak with orange and experimenting with pinot noir when it comes to serving risotto was an absolute blast.

The complexity of flavors in risotto thickened with cheese from Pag Island and celery purée gave duck breasts just the right kick.
Noir 2017 rounded the meal in a way in which I did not expect at all. Since noir had been served with duck breast, there was no other choice but to combine steak with qvevry edition orange grigio.

That wine deserves not only premium position in the

menu but also a special story about it. Qvevry edition orange grigio was macerated for first 12 months in qvevri and then another 12 months in big barrel from Hungarian and French oak. With 14% abv alcohols it is a strong and complex wine, bottled in ceramic to preserve aromas from sunlight. Wine was served from magnum bottles, but I can assure you that ceramic one is special, since it was not the first time for me to try it.

Kolarić is a small producer, located 15 km from Croatia’s capital Zagreb with winery, restaurant and a small hotel. You can visit it to find o

ut more about the recent development of Jaskansko vinogorje region. They raised quality to standards that can be measured with highest wine regions in Europe’s wine scene. In Croatia it was a step that after Istria needed to be taken, especially for forthcoming wine scene in Zagreb.

Tomislav Ivanetić
Tomislav Ivanetić
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