Vino Milas, Žilavka, 2016

vino_milas_žilavkaIt has been some time already that most of Žilavka – the indegenius grape of around Mostar region in Bosnia and Herzegovina -producers are embracing technology to make modern style Žilavka and thus in my opinion falling into a trap of predictable wines – good quality but predictable, and this is not where future of wine will be. As a quite new player here Milas is already ahead of the game. This small producer only started few years ago by re-planting vines on historical important positions  that were marked as great quality even back then in Austro-Hungarian empire. High quality of his wine made from Žilavka, Merlot or Blatina, could be compared to quality of more infamous terroirs.
Extremely powerful punch of yellow fruits that arrived from perfect ripeness of material, good extract combined with extremely well balance and chalky long finish just begging for another sip. Wine has creamy structure and is ready now to drink, but could be kept for more years. Price category of this gem is a bit above average, but for this Žilavka it is worth it. Quantities are limited and quality high, which makes this boutique winery a wine to be sought for.

Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
Wine lover and chief editor of ChinChin.Guide! 🥂

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