Tomac, Amfora – Brut Nature, 2015


Tomac winery‘s first outreach to wider world audience was trough this qvevri (amphora) based orange(skin contact white) sparkling wine, the first one in world made in that method – which got it listed in Decanter magazine among top 10 sparkling wines right together with infamous Champagne region. That listing was a great success for this small boutique winery run exclusively by Tomac family themselves and in general for Croatian wine making.
This vintage is a younger sister and a successor of that wine. On opening the wine seems still young and nose is still shy with very pronounced bubbles hitting in the nose. Smell is very clean, with hints of barrel oxidation and fruitiness. After few minutes it starts to open, and just keeping it outside clears up aromas and opens to nice wild strawberries and nutty flavours. Time brings more opening and brings up more  tertiary aromas. Whole structure is based on very lively but not too heavy acidity, and in writers opinion, just right to bring freshness while also to keeping wine structure of wine alive and interesting.
There is a fine balance of all ingredients here and this wine is just starting to be at beginning age of its drinking period. It is not a child – but at this point – a young adolescent. In coming years it will be interesting to observe how it develops and where it leads, but definietely this wine will just get better and better. Drink it now, or if you can buy alot and taste its development trough next 10+ years.

Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
Wine lover and chief editor of ChinChin.Guide! 🥂

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