Schützenhof, Eisenberg DAC – Blaufränkisch “Pur”, 2014

 Schützenhof - Eisenberg DAC - Blaufränkisch "Pur", 2014
Schützenhof – Eisenberg DAC – Blaufränkisch “Pur”, 2014

Even though Blaufränkisch grape is grown all over central Europe, and has solid credibility among winemakers, as well as wine lovers. After tasting many specimens from around the region, in personal opinion of author of this post it gives most memorable results when coming from Austria, which is most probably its birth country, and is second most planted grape variety after Zweigelt.

This wine bottle was kindly shared by Vinopija, and as he would best describe it in short: the soil in the bottle. And rightly so, it has powerful earthy minerality, tangy metallic quality that is almost blood like, and very deep purplish colour. This is not so fruit driven, but black pepper driven dark aromatic wine. Acidity is just right to go with nice barbecue and can be drank with it as a complimentary juice 🍇🍷
Eisenberg in german translates to “a hill of steel”, and this wine is proudly wearing this name.



Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
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