ROXANICH, Ines u crvenom, 2008

When in his zone, Roxanich can go far beyond usual wine making in a way that you are not sure if it is just a luck or work of pure genius. Ines u crvenom(Ines in red) 2008 from the first smell is bears a Roxanich signature all over it.

Roxanich,ines u crvenom
Roxanich,Ines u crvenom, 2008

Just after opening, still a bit cold, but unmistakably Roxanich: a punch of acetic oxidation on nose interwoven with already fully developed tertiary notes.ย  Freshness of a fruit is already all gone, and this seems to be right time to drink this wine and not wait too long. Same happend to tannins which are practically dissolved and not existing except in light hints.
This wine consist of unusual blend of not so typical grapes for Croatian Istria territory consist of Syrah, Barbera, Malvasia Nera, Lambrusco, Cabernet Franc i Burgogna(Blaufrankisch) found only here and probably nowhere else in this combination.

After warming up to room temperature, this wine grips all of your senses. Not definetely a warm climate wine, this is unfiltered red wine in all of its glory, full of thickness and structure, on the edge of falling apart but still precisely walking a tight rope between the worlds.
If someone would ask what this wine is all about, best would be to say that it is orange wine philosophy in a red wine. It is perfect sister to Roxanich’s macerated whites – a wine to meditate with.

Thanks to Vinopija for sharing this bottle.


Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
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