Put the wine into a blender and aerate it!

aerate wine in blender
aerate wine in blender

How many times have you gone to a winery or a wine shop to get that very expensive bottle of wine to open for your special guests only, but when guests suddenly arrived you find out that you didn’t put that bottle of Nebbiolo in decanter on time? And now that you have opened it, you just remembered that it will need at least 4 or more hours of sitting in decanter to be ready,and by that time guests will probably already be gone(of course, if you didn’t have anotherΒ  bottle of more ready wine to open and serve them before.)

There is a great restaurant hack that consists of putting the wine into a blender and give it a nice powerful whirl and to finally release all of that hidden aromas, or get rid of reduction that winemaker put with or without purpose in the wine.
So here is a nice video from Zagat.com that will show you a real card form the sleeve that seasoned sommeliers will do. Click to watch below and give us a comment about how that went for you:

Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
Wine lover and chief editor of ChinChin.Guide! πŸ₯‚

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