Currus, Árnyékvilág, 2017

Currus, Árnyékvilág, 2017
Currus, Árnyékvilág, 2017

Few months ago on snowy afternoon, along with Exotic Wine Travel, we visited Currus winery in a small not so well known wine region Neszmely in upper Danube (Észak-Dunántúl) region in Hungary. Little did we know at that time that this will be one of the best visits we had in whole of Hungary, even after visiting more well known regions and more famous producers and all thanks to Csilla from Wine a’More Travels. 🙏
Currus is small winery with one humble man in front of it,  but it is worth of many tales we were telling around it, but which will save for another occasion and another article.

Árnyékvilág is Juhfark grape based wine. The name Juhfark it self means sheep’s tail, and its name does not only come from resemblance of sheep tail on grape cluster, but also one can get hints of sheep aromatics in wine itself.
From the first smell you can feel the tension going on in a glass. Even though white was still initially cold the hints of all aromatics were already shooting out in the air. Citrusy base,with savoury and honey notes, which were precisely mounted in by  winemaker. Bortritys, the noble rot that gives honey like taste to the wine, usually destroys nose on the wine, but with good winemaker such as Currus, this hasn’t happened. So what we smelled on nose became a full blown rhapsody of tastes. Savoury taste, intertwined by touch of sweetness, sharp but well balanced citrusy acidity, sheepy flavour, honey hints all singing together in great a unison, on not to heavy on minerals base.
Wine made to enjoy, wine you can talk about, and wine that talks to you. All that you can get from this one bottle of wine. Cannot wait to taste more!🥂

Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
Wine lover and chief editor of ChinChin.Guide! 🥂

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