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Schützenhof, Eisenberg DAC – Blaufränkisch “Pur”, 2014

Even though Blaufränkisch grape is grown all over central Europe, and has solid credibility among winemakers, as well as wine lovers. After tasting many specimens from around the region, in personal opinion...

ROXANICH, Ines u crvenom, 2008

When in his zone, Roxanich can go far beyond usual wine making in a way that you are not sure if it is just a luck or work of pure genius. Ines...

Vino Milas, Žilavka, 2016

It has been some time already that most of Žilavka - the indegenius grape of around Mostar region in Bosnia and Herzegovina -producers are embracing technology to make modern style Žilavka and...

Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix, Bourgogne Chablis Vieilles Vignes, 2013

There is not much to say about Chablis that hasn't been said before, it is cooler climate wine region producing more acidity driven, minaral and flinty than fruity wines. Domaine Daniel-Etienne...

ÁBRAHÁM, Reserve Furmint, 2015

Dry versions of Tokaj Furmint can often be very straightforward acidity driven one dimensional whites and usually so much different than their more famous sweet and/or bortrytised versions.

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