Bott, Kulcsár (Hárslevelű), 2018

bott harslevelu kulcsar

Hárslevelű is one of Tokaj, and more widely – Hungarian, flagship grapes which is used as supporting grape in famous Tokaj wine blends but also can be found interesting as single variety wine. The name itself means linden leaf which already brings to mind herbaceous aromas. Of the two main varieties (the other one being more famous Furmint),  Hárslevelű is often found to be more ready as younger wine, while Furmint (especially when bring its full acidic profile) needs more settling time in a bottle and can last trough years and years.

Bott pince is fully organic producer with natural wine on mind, but still classic white wine producer which gives this wine herbal but vinous consistency with very pronounced parsley aromas, a quite unusual to find in wine. Kulcsár is definitely not a full bodied white but is lighter in style, meant to be consumed just as it was, in nice spring setting with first class seafood as perfect pairing and great company.

Vedran - Chin Chin
Vedran - Chin Chin
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